Jumat, 19 Oktober 2012

Miyavi's Concert

The best concert i ever came!! It's held on 10 October 2012, yeah..just ten days ago but still fresh in my mind~lol Actually the concert was very shocking me and my friend coz it's just came like a thunder, i chase the pre-sale ticket but we can't came to the airport to welcomed him in Jakarta, this was so sad because if we could made it, we could also took a photo with him and also had his signature!!!! DAMN IT!! And i didn't got something to gift him, and my imagine when the first time i loved him is write a message and gift him blankon it was stolen by someone and she fulfilled it!!! AAAGHH!! T___T But..Beside all my regrets, the concert was so AWESOME!!! I was amazed by him that night, i screaming his name outloud even i can't hear my own voice because the audience's voice and his guitar also his drumm voice was deafen my ear~lol It was so hard to decided rather i look only his face or i took a photo. Finally i decide to take a photo first but after he said to us not to take a photo just enjoyed his performed i took my camera down and enjoy his performance, that's way i only have a few of his photograph.
This's the stage! Let's rock and roll!!! \m/
This was the first time he came to the stage and very first peformance.
After the show i bought the merchandise! I was so happy i can bought this! It's on his website!! lol. But now i want the towel (this my regret too). And this link video from utube that i found couple day ago. May you enjoy this blog and next time NO MORE REGRETS!!